Local art for your business

Do you own or operate a small business or vacation rental property? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to add a pop of colour to your space? Do you believe in supporting other local businesses?

Have you considered displaying original art?

Art can set the tone for your space. Art that’s created locally can showcase the beauty of the place your clients have chosen to visit. In a vacation rental, it can remind the client of why they chose to stay in your property in the first place.

There are four great ways to bring my art into your business: you can buy it and have it forever, commission a piece that’s unique to your space, lease it and have the art change with the seasons, or lease to own a piece you love.

Buy it

If you’re looking for a permanent fixture that makes a statement and can act as an additional draw for clients visiting your business or staying in your rental property, purchasing art is the way to go.

In Canada, original art is tax deductible when it meets a few basic criteria.

The art must be:

  • purchased for your business.
  • created by an artist who was a Canadian when the piece was made,
  • purchased for $200 or more,
  • displayed where clients or members of the public can see it,
  • purchased with the intent of producing income from an arm’s length individual, and
  • not held for resale or otherwise included in the business’s inventory.

In addition to having the tax deduction, I’m pleased to extend a 10% discount on the purchase of original art to owners of vacation rentals and small businesses within Lennox and Addington County.

Lease it

If you’re looking to change your art with the seasons or as your business evolves, or if you need something with a lower cost that will still be an exciting pull for clients, guests, and shoppers, renting art can be a great option.

I offer a leasing program where business owners, including folks running vacation rentals, can display my art for a small monthly fee.

How it works:

  • You pay a small monthly fee based on the size of the piece by square inch ($10 if it is less than 200 square inches, $20 for 201-400 square inches, and $50 for 401 square inches and up).
  • You display the art in any room inside your business or vacation rental where it will be enjoyed by guests, clients, visitors, etc.
  • You display a postcard (provided by me) for my studio somewhere that clients will see it. If you run a vacation rental, this could be in your welcome package for guests or displayed wherever you list things to do while staying in your space.
  • You share the art at least once during the leasing period on the social media page for your business.
  • If a piece is damaged or stolen, you are responsible for covering 50% of the retail price.
  • If a piece sells to one of your clients, I will refund you the monthly fee for renting the piece.
  • I deliver the art and pick it up at the end of the lease agreement.
  • I facilitate any sales of the piece through my website.
  • I ensure the leased art is replaced immediately with a piece of similar size and style if it sells through my website.
  • I share your business at least once during the leasing period on the social media page for my businesses.
  • I indicate on my website that the piece can be viewed in your business and provide a link to your business.

We can work together to decide how long you’d like to lease a piece for, and whether you’d like to change the art regularly or lease a piece for the whole summer.

Lease to own

If you have fallen in love with a piece that you’d like to own but you can’t swing the cost up front, leasing is a great option.

You would select the piece and I would mark it “SOLD”. You would then pay the above monthly rate and you will own the piece when its retail cost is paid.

Next steps

If you are interested in purchasing, commissioning, leasing, or leasing to own art for your business, please send me an email at info@lakesidestudiogallery.com. I’m excited to work together.
**Please note, all above information about leasing, commissions, and discounts only applies to original art created by me, Sarah E Anderson, and not to the other artists in my gallery. The tax deduction, however, is applicable to all original art by Canadian artists.**