Year four

Year four

This last week has been an emotional party of the likes that we can’t host in these pandemic times.

Everyone showed up: grief, excitement, sadness, joy, loneliness, nostalgia, love, despair, hope. It was a very mixed crowd and all my guests seemed to show up at once and some—looking at you, grief—have only just decided to head home.

I’m left with my usual company of contentment, gratitude and joy.

Together, we’re embarking on the fourth year since my Big Loss. It really feels like we can manage what’s coming next.

I’ve also noticed that excitement is sticking around—and that’s a new feeling for me to have around on a more consistent basis.

I’m so excited about what’s happening in my art journey. I’m a few weeks away from opening the doors of my studio/gallery to the public (safely, with health and contact tracing measures taken) and I’m two weeks away from launching my first ever collection.

This weekend, Thanksgiving, we’re not getting together as a family, which feels super weird and strange. But I’m going to make the most of it. I am going to buy and paint some wood so I can install hardware to hang paintings in the gallery portion of my space. I’m going to add the wiring to each of the fourteen pieces in my collection so that when people bring them home they’ll be ready to hang. I’m going to sign the paintings. There’s a lot I want to get done.

Starting off year four with these projects that make me feel whole and human and excited again is filling me with so much hope. Year three was all about slowing down, reflecting, and exploring what really matters to me. I know, now, what I need and year four is going to be all about acting on what I learned last year.

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