The Lakeside Studio Gallery: coming next week

The Lakeside Studio Gallery: coming next week

Like so many projects, my next big venture was created out of necessity.

I needed more space to paint. My mom needed mainland internet so she could keep working from home. A partnership was born.

We found a lovely little space in Bath, Ontario, just a few minutes from the ferry dock that serves our island home. It’s perfect and we love it.

It only made sense to open this space to the public. The bright windows at the front are great for lighting while I work but they’re also really meant to be a storefront.

So, we decided we would open a gallery.

I wanted to make sure our space was really offering something to this community, and not just serving as a space for me to sell my work.

The pandemic makes this a little bit challenging. I want to host events, one day, where people can 'paint it out' and get their feelings onto canvas, like I do. I'd love to host shows and even some classes. But just not yet.

The space is really small and the safety of our community is paramount.

So, our gallery is going to feature the work of other local emerging artists. We’re so excited to have Kingston artist Julia Dafoe on board and more artists joining. I’m happy to be able to offer them a space to share their work with you.

It’s important to me that this be a space for new creatives as they find there way into the world. I hope you welcome them with open arms, the way you have welcomed me.

The Lakeside Studio Gallery opens on November 5. Regular hours will be from Thursday to Sunday each week, but you can always book an appointment outside our regular hours by sending me an email at

If you’re in the neighbourhood, please stop by for a visit. I would love the chance to meet you and talk to you about my art and the work of the other artists in our gallery.

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