Something in the air

Something in the air

Do you feel it, too?

My energy is changing with the return of the warmth of the sun. With the fresh bursts of green around my home and in my mom’s garden. With the later sunsets and earlier sunrises.

And it feels oh-so-good.

I’ve suddenly got this spring in my step—pun intended—and a smile I can’t seem to wipe from my face.

Somehow, in spite of everything, I’m feeling great.

This third lockdown is hard. I really wish the gallery could be open. I miss having you come to view our art in person. There is something special about it. There’s a magic that happens when a piece resonates with you and I’m really missing watching that happen.

It’s hard not being able to show off the work of my fellow artists. Terri Austin’s flower display is going to stay up longer than I’d planned to make sure you get the chance to see it. I encourage you to check out each of the artists in the gallery by clicking their names: Terri Austin, Julia Dafoe, Allison Grange, Jo Kells, and Keleigh Korteweg. I am grateful every day that they’ve entrusted me with their work—and that I get to be surrounded by it every day! Some day soon, I hope you’ll be able to come in to see their art again.

I know people are stressed and struggling. The world is a mess right now. It could use a lot more kindness. And I’m worried, too. And being more cautious than ever about sticking to my little household with my parents and our pups.

And yet.

When I keep my thoughts small, focused on what is immediately in front of me and happening right now, I feel happy. And hopeful. And grateful.

Maybe it’s the triple cartwheels. Maybe it’s the pink collection I’m working on. Maybe it’s the sunshine.

Maybe it’s all of those things coming in to play.

But I’ll tell you what I think has made the biggest impact: sharing my story with you.

I spent a lot of time in March unloading some of my grief. Some of the pain I was holding onto. Things that I was clutching to my heart like secrets are now out in the world.

Doing that has changed me. I feel an immense sense of relief. Of airiness. Of levity.

I don’t know how long this feeling will last. But I’m enjoying it while it’s here.

I do know I’m not finished sharing stories about love and loss. But I feel like I’ve crossed a threshold in my healing. And it’s a wonderful feeling.

I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s a lot to carry around, the burden of grief and of a story untold. Now that it’s all out there, I feel free to move forward.

What that’s going to look like is a mystery to me. But the potential is thrilling.

Just like spring, the sunny days are stretching out ahead and the possibilities are endless.

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