Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

“It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely time” since I have written here in this space.

Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration.

It has, certainly, been a while. Over a year in fact.

And it has been lonely, at least in the sense of missing this space.

I’ve missed showing up here. The posts to this space fell to the wayside a bit as I turned my focus to growing the Lakeside Studio Gallery as an entity of its own.

I didn’t know how to be both. Artist and owner. I didn’t know how to bring myself to this space. Whether to share about my art and creative process. Or about the joys and challenges and learning opportunities of operating a small business.

It simply never occurred to me—until this very minute—that I could be both here. As I am in real life.

There is so much content out there about how to refine your brand, zero in on who you want to be in the world. But the reality is, we are multi-faceted humans who are more than one thing to many people all the time.

So, I’m going to bring back my blog.

With no set schedule. And definitely some irregularity.

I’m ready to show up here as an artist and a business owner. And as a friend, a griever, a runner, a music lover, a small town fan, a writer, and as someone who has an insatiable curiosity. About the world. About others. About why people do what they do.

It’s with that curiosity in mind that I look to share my thoughts and processes. In the hopes that it helps others—or at the very least entertains them a little.

I’m ready to share what it’s like managing a very busy brain with too many goals on the go. What it’s like deciding where to throw my focus.

Stay tuned for some posts in the coming weeks about reorienting the gallery, about winter, and about the collection of pieces I’m working on right now.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s rock and roll.

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