My unfailing love of winter

My unfailing love of winter

OK, so I haven’t been exactly subtle about my love for winter.

I feel like I’m shouting it from the rooftops and defending something that really shouldn’t need defending. But I feel like its praises need to be sung loud and clear by those of us who love this season of shorter, colder days and ice, snow, and crisp air.

I’ve always loved winter. As long as I can remember I’ve looked forward to snow and revelled in its magical coziness.

I remember in grade four being grateful for the snow because it meant I could wear dresses AND play football because my snow pants would keep me clean.

I’ve had friends tease me for years because I get so excited when it’s snowing. No matter the date on the calendar. It’s one of my very favourite things.

I find—and hear me out here—that the people who love winter are the ones who, like me, play outside in it. The people who hate it are not finding ways to enjoy it.

I can totally understand struggling through these months if you feel trapped in your home or stuck indoors at an office job. (I’ve had those office jobs and I feel you! Also, I fully acknowledge that for differently abled folks, winter can be an accessibility nightmare.)

But I think when you can choose to embrace it—and I mean fully embrace it: wear snow pants, mittens, a toque, and a scarf—you might just find a way to love winter.

So, bundle up and go play outside. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Even if it’s just a walk around your block or to pick up a coffee somewhere. Even if it’s to the park nearby to sit alone on a bench. Even if it’s just your yard.

Go outside. Take a deep breath. Try and notice five beautiful things around you.

See if you don’t change your mind about winter.

And if ALL OF THAT doesn’t help? Make a tea or hot chocolate, curl up with a blanket by the window, open it a crack and watch the weather outside. If that’s not enjoyable, I don’t know what is.

Like so many other things that I love, I’m going to make some art to celebrate winter. I’ve been working on a few special pieces already that I’m really excited to share with you.

Stay tuned, and remember: there is beauty in the stillness, in the quiet, restful times, when the world slows down and readies itself for the adventure that comes in summertime.

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