I'm getting a studio

I'm getting a studio

Working in my loft bedroom has been amazing. I’ve been able to work at home and be with my dog and my family.

At first, I was able to dash upstairs and paint when I’ve found myself with a spare hour or two on the weekend. I would do one or two paintings a day and hang them on the walls to dry.

Then I set up a folding table to hold drying paintings. I hung more command hooks on the walls. I used my desk and the window sill. I put paintings out to dry wherever I could find space.

And I’ve officially run out.

Paintings are stacked on the floor, leaning against walls. Part of the problem is that 14 of the paintings aren’t available for sale until I launch my collection later this month. But that’s not the only issue.

I can’t paint a canvas bigger than 36 inches up in my loft. And I’d really like to try something on a larger scale.

The global pandemic has made things, well, different. I’ve been living with my parents since before it started but it has since become very beneficial to me to be living here. I do need more space, though.

So, I’m getting a studio.

I’ve found a wonderful little space in Bath, Ontario. It’s just minutes from the ferry dock. It’s right on Main Street. I’m going to paint looking out the window onto the main thoroughfare of this lovely little town.

I’m excited about this shift for a few reasons. It’s going to mean more space to paint. I’ll be able to spread out a bit more and leave my easel set up when I’m not using it. And there’s going to be better internet!

Best of all? I’m going to be open to the public four days a week as a gallery. I’m offering space to fellow emerging artists to showcase their work where people can come and see it.

This is extra exciting because my paintings have a lot of texture to them that isn’t always visible when I post pictures online. They’re better in person—like so many other things.

It’s wonderful to think people will be able to come in and experience my art in real life.

I’ll be taking every precaution available to be provide a safe and clean environment for guests to my studio/gallery.

As soon as I know when my doors will be open I’ll post again. I hope you’ll come and visit!

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