Holding on to summer

Holding on to summer

There are just a few days remaining of official summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m hanging on with all I’ve got.

Summer is now my favourite season for many reasons: swimming in the lake, the heat of the sun, the blues and greens everywhere, rarely needing a jacket. There are so many things. In particular I love late summer when it seems everyone is doing their best to appreciate what’s left of the good weather.

Living for those last few days of summer makes you be present in the here and now. It helps you take notice of what day it actually is and what is happening around you. I, for one, appreciate every meal I can eat out on my deck because you never know when it will be the last one. Same goes for every swim in the lake. I’m not convinced I’ve had my last yet. Fingers crossed!

So, with that feeling of presence in mind, I’ve been spending the last few days painting very summery things. I can’t share them with you yet but, oh boy, am I ever excited for when you get to see them!

I’ve been noticing the colours in the mornings more, too, and that inspired me to paint two scenes from photos I took on my run this week. It feels like painting these things is helping me hold on to the feeling of summer just a little bit longer.

I hope that, if you choose to buy one of my summery paintings, you’ll feel like you’re getting to hold on to those feelings, too.

My favourite summery painting that’s available right now is ‘Cotton Candy Sunset’. I love the whimsy of it and the way the colours that August evening transformed my backyard into something magical. I hope you like it, too. 

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