Hello, sunshine

Hello, sunshine

Inhale. Exhale.

This is a big one, my lovelies.

My first ever collection release. It’s coming. Soon.

I am so excited to share the pieces in this collection with you. I have been pouring my soul into each painting, giving a little bit of myself to each of them.

I have been working almost obsessively on this collection but, I’ll be honest with you, none of this has been hard work. It’s been invigorating and challenging but nothing has been difficult. I haven’t had to force myself to get to work.

I think that’s because this work has poured out of me. I’ve felt possessed by this idea ever since it floated into my little brain. It’s been like I had to paint it out. I felt compelled to pull these paintings from the ether into the real world.

They’re bright. They’re happy. They’re a love letter to blue skies and warm summer days. These paintings are the work of my soul.

And they’re a little glimpse of the sunshine that’s come back into my life since I figured out I could make beautiful things with just a paintbrush and some pigments. I didn’t know I could transpose the way I feel into something physical, that other people could see.

The fact other people feel something while looking at my paintings is beyond my wildest hopes.

I started painting because it made ME feel better. I’ve kept painting because it seems to help others feel better, too. And that has fuelled my soul.

I want these paintings to serve as a reminder that the energy we put into the world finds its way back to us, in some form or other.

I’ve seen some dark days in the last five years. It’s been hard to find the sun. As Bruce Springsteen sings in his song ‘Hello, Sunshine’, “I had a little sweet spot for the rain”. But I’ve also “had enough of heartbreak and pain” and now that the sunshine has come back into my life, I’m really hoping it stays.

This collection—and its signature piece—are named for this song. You may have noticed I have a special affinity for Springsteen. There’s good reason for it. He’s seen me through all that “heartbreak and pain” and sings about what it means to find peace again.

Life isn’t perfect. I am not healed. But I am healing. And I can see the sunshine again and feel its heat on my face. Things are looking up.

In just a few weeks I’ll release my collection to the world. I can't wait to share these paintings with you.

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