Have you felt the change in the sun? Have you noticed the way it warms you, even when the air is cold? Have you revelled in the longer days and changing angle of the sunrises and sunsets?

Me. Too.

It always amazes me the way the coming spring creeps up on me. The way winter changes as February ends, becomes sunnier and warmer. And melty-er.

Mud season on the island isn’t my favourite, especially where running is concerned. I don’t like dodging the ruts on the road or worrying about slipping and sliding. I prefer to watch the sky while I run. Today, I went over to the side of the island where the road is paved. It’s not as quiet and there are many more cars and buildings, but it’s safer.

Spring isn’t truly here yet, but as it inches closer I start to get that familiar urge to refresh. To update. To change things. Hence the pink hair dye. And rearranging my loft. And a few other changes.

I’m grateful to have several outlets where I can let that energy loose and explore and play.

I refreshed by website, as you can hopefully tell, inspired by photos taken by the lovely and talented Kassandra Melnyk. I am so grateful for the way she brought my studio to life and made it look like a place where magic can happen—because it so often seems to for me.

I also updated the look of the gallery by rearranging all of the art and bringing in a new artist. I’m so pleased to have Keleigh Korteweg on board. Her bright paintings are full of love for the beauty in the everyday and filled with a light that she seems to carry around with her.

And this week we’re bringing in a very special new exhibit from Deanna Pinder. “A Walk on the Wild Side” is a collection of mixed media paintings featuring exotic animals. Their unique look and silk paper foundation really showcase Deanna’s eye for detail and creative spirit. I’m excited to see people’s response to this show!

I also have a new show of my own, at Martello Alley in downtown Kingston. This is the first time I’ve shown any of my work in another gallery and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity. David and Wendy have made me feel so welcome and I’m so excited that the “Letter to You” collection I’m showing there is finally out in the world.

There are a few more changes I’ve got in my back pocket that I’m hoping to launch this spring. For now, I’m going to keep those big plans to myself.

Until then, keep noticing the feeling of the sun on your face, the change in the warmth of the wind, the way the buds on the trees are starting to show, and the birds that are returning. The warm weather will be here sooner than we think.

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