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Sarah E Anderson

All I’m Thinkin’ About

All I’m Thinkin’ About

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Oil on canvas
Locally-made custom frame

This piece sings of summer mornings spent visiting the end of the dock with my dog, staring at the water, soaking up the warmth of the day. It’s about the comfort of home. The joy of a summer sunrise. The peace of knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be. Even when life hasn’t gone according to plan.

It’s named for a Bruce Springsteen song from the album ‘Devils and Dust’ because each morning when I visit the lake—whether at the shore, my visit tree, or the end of the dock—I say hello to the lake and to my Tyler. And for those few moments every morning, he’s all I’m thinkin’ about.

This painting has been mounted in a locally-made custom wood frame crafted by local artisan Cameron Gray. The piece is fitted with hanging hardware and is ready to display in your home.

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